What Is Quantstamp? Full Funding Overview

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Quantstamp Assessment – The smart contract auditing platform designed to fix lots of the flaws seen with Ethereum smart contracts.

Smart contracts are a doubtlessly revolutionary advancement in technology. However, one simple flaw can cause the contract to fail, leading to disastrous penalties for users.

As a result, the demand for smart contracts is rising exponentially. With Quantstamp’s ability to audit smart contracts in a scalable manner, the potential of this project may very well be huge.

In this extensive assessment, we’ll be analysing the project to see whether it is a worthy funding, we’ll focus on which Quantstamp wallet is finest to safely store your coins and we’ll touch on an organization concept known as proof-of-caring.

In Their Own Words:

“A security verification protocol for smart contracts that improves the safety of Ethereum. The advantages of the security protocol embody automation, trust, governance and ability to compute hard problems over a distributed network.”

In Our Words:

The Quantstamp project is aiming to improve the safety of Ethereum smart contracts by fixing deadly flaws of their code equivalent to those which led the the DAO failure in 2016 or latest parity wallet hacks.

Present Progress

Quantstamp have already demonstrated the demand for his or her platform with their latest smart contract audit of the Request Network ICO.

The Quantstamp protocol will include two components;

Automated Software – The automated software checks the smart contract contract code for flaw
Manual Checks – Within the long-term, Quantstamp goals to allow for fully automated smart contract checks by way of their software. Nevertheless, till this becomes a reality, Quantstamp will probably be semi-automated i.e. they will use a mixture of automated software mixed with human members that manually check the contracts and receive tokens as a reward.
In this section we will give attention to the auditing process; as it is the primary focus of the Quantstamp project. We are going to cover a few different processes later as we discuss the uses of the Quantstamp token (QSP).

The Auditing Process

If a developer wants to deploy a smart contract, they’ll submit their code to the Quantstamp project.

Relying on the security wants of the programme, the developer can select how a lot bounty to ship i.e. how much monetary reward they may pay for the auditing. The more that they offer, the more doubtless it is that many builders will manually study the code.

A report is then produced which classifies the smart contract issues based on their severity, starting from 1 for a minor warning, up to 10 for main vulnerability.

Private Or Public

When requesting an audit, the developer can choose to have a private report which is encrypted and only accessible by the developer, or the developer could select to have a public report meaning anyone can be able to view it.


While Quantstamp can not 100% guarantee flawless source code, it does provide a much higher degree of assurance that the code is safe by utilizing each automated and crowdsourced methods.

With a purpose to understand precisely how the automated and handbook checks of smart contracts will happen, let’s look at the different classes of people that may assist the network to improve over time:

Software Contributors (Automated) – In an effort to move towards a fully automated system, Quantstamp will need to upgrade their software. Not only will Quantstamp hire developers with using their ICO funds, they will even encourage the group to contribute by offering financial rewards within the form of QSP tokens to software builders who provide software. This software might be open-source, that means that other members of the neighborhood may also be able to confirm its validity

Validators (Automated) – These people merely run a node on the network. In different words, they contribute pc processing energy however no technical expertise. In return, they obtain QSP Tokens.

Bug Finders (Manual) – As talked about earlier than, the preliminary phases of Quantstamp will contain manual smart contract checks which might be carried out by bug finders. Because of this, they are paid in QSP Tokens

Problem – Smart Contracts Can Have Flaws

To quote Quantstamp’s whitepaper: “Blockchain networks are secure however smart contracts aren’t”; there have been a number of events over the last few years which have proved this to be the case; For instance, a hacker famously stole $55 million in Ether from the DAO in June 2016, leading to its collapse.

Technically although, he didn’t steal anything because he actually followed the rules outlined by the smart contract. In different words, as a result of an avoidable mistake within the smart contract, an enormous quantity was taken from investors. This contentious time in Ethereum’s history is what finally cut up the neighborhood and led to the creation of Ethereum Classic.

Issues like this increase severe trust points round Ethereum smart contracts and can most probably result in distrust from the public, leading to slower adoption.

We’ve pretty much covered this in the earlier part but we’ll recap additionally – Quantstamp will provide a scalable method to audit smart contracts. To start with, this will likely be carried out manually but, in the long term, the process will likely be completed automatically with the usage of software developed by Quantstamp themselves and the community.

The results of this ought to be to avoid smart contract bugs, allowing them to perform correctly. In turn, this ought to increase public adoption by avoiding PR disasters comparable to these seen prior to now with the famous collapse of the DAO.

With the fast improve in the number of platforms being hosted on the Ethereum network, it will be an understatement to say that there may very well be an enormous demand for this project.

This is another incredibly vital point that people typically overlook when investing in Cryptocurrencies – is the token worth really linked to the platform utilization?

Investing in Cryptos is not the same as traditional investing – once you buy shares in an organization, you’re buying ownership. As the corporate makes elevated profits, the share worth will increase and your investment value will rise also.

With the majority of Cryptocurrencies, the tokens don’t symbolize shares.

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